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Law firm and advisory serving associations, nonprofits, social enterprises, and impact organizations of all types and sizes.

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Lay a strong and sustainable foundation for your org to grow and operate in furtherance of its mission.

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Key legal counsel and governance support services that help org boards govern well and fulfill their legal obligations.

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Ensure your org complies with law, is soundly governed, protects its assets, and enters into beneficial agreements.

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Education Services

Provide empowering information, strategies, and pathways for your board and organizational staff.

Knowing your org's legal and governance is in good hands...priceless

Legal and governance may not be the fun part of an impact org -- but they keep the fun (and impactful) part running smoothly

Legal and governance services are vital to the success of businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises, and impact orgs of all types.  Particularly, the unique business, regulatory and governance environment of nonprofits pose serious risks and challenges that can compromise their ability to achieve their mission and make a positive impact in the community.

We help you to navigate complex regulations and requirements, protect your assets and reputation, and ensure compliance with laws and standards.

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