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How we help


  • Org Formation & Structure
  • Compliance & Investigations
  • Business Transactions
  • Intellectual Property & Privacy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Dispute Resolution


  • Board composition
  • Board policies
  • Org policies
  • Chapter & subsidiary governance
  • CEO oversight


  • Board training
  • Org staff training
  • Member and volunteer training

Clients we serve

Modern impact-driven organizations take many different forms.  

With deep expertise in the laws, customs, and practices of tax-exempt organizations, our representative clients include:
Trade associations & professional societies
Public charities & private foundations
Educational & religious orgs
Museums & arts orgs
Political Action Committees (PACs)
We also have deep expertise with business orgs, business transactions, intellectual property, and education.  As a result, our representative for-profit clients include
Venture backed social enterprises
Credential creators and distributors
Education creators and distributors
Services orgs

Problems we solve

Focused on solving problems, not delivering services

Our services are designed to solve specific client problems with transparency, collegiality, and quality.

In this regard, we:
Protect your org and reputation
Empower your board with education and counsel
Develop strategic, practical, and outcome-oriented solutions
Remove barriers to developing a close attorney-client relationship
Provide complete fee certainty and transparency to budget with confidence
Our Expertise

Legal, Governance & Training Solutions That Propel and Protect Orgs

Formation & Structure

Starting a new org requires more than registering an entity.  We help clients properly setup a new org, obtain tax exemption, develop governance, ensure ongoing compliance and support ongoing operations.


For growing orgs, we help structure operating entities, chapter/subsidiary governance, international operations, and credentialing structures.

Board & Org Governance

Well functioning boards create clarity in decision-making, oversee and support the CEO, and ensure compliance with fiduciary obligations.  


Through our workshops and advisory services, we help boards develop sound governance processes, clear policies, and effective oversight mechanisms.

Compliance & Investigations

Tax-exempt organizations are governed, regulated and overseen through various laws, regulations, and agencies.  


We help boards and orgs navigate the often complex compliance requirements and deal with investigations from authorities such as the IRS and Attorney General offices.

Business Transactions

All business organizations enter into various transactions with vendors, strategic partners, contractors, and various others.


We help orgs structure, negotiate, and document business transactions.  For tax-exempt orgs, we help ensure that the business transactions are compliant with laws and regulations 

Intellectual Property & Privacy

Orgs work hard to develop their reputation and to develop original works for their programs and services. We help orgs protect their valuable brands by developing a trademark protection strategy and filing for protection.  Additionally, we assist in protecting copyrights in their original works created by employees, contractors, and other vendors.


Additionally, we help orgs develop sound privacy policies and procedures as well as complying with privacy regulations.

Revenue Programs

Revenue programs are key to the financial health of orgs.  Such programs may include education programs, credentialing, events, affinity programs, fundraisers, and many other programs.


We work with clients to develop appropriate structure for revenue programs, ensure legal compliance, and  support their ongoing operation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are often a key strategy for orgs.  Orgs can added needed capabilities, acquire complementary orgs, or expand to new areas through M&A.


Successful M&A requires careful evaluation, a sound strategy, meticulous attention to detail. and skilled negotiation...areas that we excel in.


Sooner or later nearly every organization becomes involved in a legal dispute.  Although many disputes can short-circuited through a proactive approach to an organization's legal and governance foundations, sometimes an org needs to fight for its rights.


We are highly experienced in fighting for and negotiating agreeable outcomes in disputes, up to and including a trial in a court of law or arbitration proceeding.

Board & Org Training

Training for members of the board and staff is vital to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, to follow best practices, and to understand the impact of making certain types of decisions.


We have online and in-person training solutions for your board and your staff including board orientations, staff orientations, HR training, chapter training, and more.

Unlimited calls, emails, and texts

We never charge clients for quick calls, emails, and texts to discuss a potential legal issue, the status of a matter, etc.  While we're at it, we don't charge for office administrative expenses either.

Budget certainty and transparency

Our Everyday Counsel plans are designed to meet your annual legal needs at a fixed cost.  In addition, wherever possible, we offer flat fees for our services.

Online client hub

We provide clients with access to a client hub where clients can check on the status of a matter, submit a new matter for action, or view client only resources and education.

Monthly check in call

We schedule a no extra charge monthly call with all clients on our Everyday Counsel plans or those with active pending matters to address any questions on any issue.  We often join board or executive team meetings as external general counsel.

Your Guide

Every journey benefits from an experienced guide

We all benefit from working with people who have already taken journeys similar to ours or have specialized education, skills, knowledge, and experience.

I’m Dan Liutikas, managing attorney at Org Law.  Let’s discuss if we should take this journey to achieving your vision together.



What is it?

A monthly legal membership package that can be customized to include all day-to-day legal matters for a flat monthly fee that represents a fraction of typical hourly billing.


Unlimited Calls and Emails

Participation in Team Meetings

Annual Legal Board Report

Customized Package for Day-to-Day Legal Requirements

Flat Monthly Fee

Budget Certainty

30% Discount for All Services Not in Custom Package




What is it?

An annual legal membership package to provide advice and counsel to the board of directors, assist with governance matters, provide appropriate CEO oversight and review, and other related board matters.


Unlimited Board Calls and Emails

Participation in Board Meetings

Annual Legal Board Report

Customized Package of Board Projects

Flat Monthly Fee

Budget Certainty

30% Discount for All Services Not in Custom Package


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