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Formation & Structure

Starting a new org requires more than registering an entity.  We help clients properly setup a new org, obtain tax exemption, develop governance, ensure ongoing compliance and support ongoing operations.


For growing orgs, we help structure operating entities, chapter/subsidiary governance, international operations, and credentialing structures.



Board & Org Governance

Well functioning boards create clarity in decision-making, oversee and support the CEO, and ensure compliance with fiduciary obligations.  


Through our workshops and advisory services, we help boards develop sound governance processes, clear policies, and effective oversight mechanisms.

Compliance & Investigations

Tax-exempt organizations are governed, regulated and overseen through various laws, regulations, and agencies.  


We help boards and orgs navigate the often complex compliance requirements and deal with investigations from authorities such as the IRS and Attorney General offices.

Business Transactions

All business organizations enter into various transactions with vendors, strategic partners, contractors, and various others.


We help orgs structure, negotiate, and document business transactions.  For tax-exempt orgs, we help ensure that the business transactions are compliant with laws and regulations 

Intellectual Property & Privacy

Orgs work hard to develop their reputation and to develop original works for their programs and services. We help orgs protect their valuable brands by developing a trademark protection strategy and filing for protection.  Additionally, we assist in protecting copyrights in their original works created by employees, contractors, and other vendors.


Additionally, we help orgs develop sound privacy policies and procedures as well as complying with privacy regulations.

Revenue Programs

Revenue programs are key to the financial health of orgs.  Such programs may include education programs, credentialing, events, affinity programs, fundraisers, and many other programs.


We work with clients to develop appropriate structure for revenue programs, ensure legal compliance, and  support their ongoing operation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are often a key strategy for orgs.  Orgs can added needed capabilities, acquire complementary orgs, or expand to new areas through M&A.


Successful M&A requires careful evaluation, a sound strategy, meticulous attention to detail. and skilled negotiation...areas that we excel in.


Sooner or later nearly every organization becomes involved in a legal dispute.  Although many disputes can short-circuited through a proactive approach to an organization's legal and governance foundations, sometimes an org needs to fight for its rights.


We are highly experienced in fighting for and negotiating agreeable outcomes in disputes, up to and including a trial in a court of law or arbitration proceeding.

Board & Org Training

Training for members of the board and staff is vital to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, to follow best practices, and to understand the impact of making certain types of decisions.


We have online and in-person training solutions for your board and your staff including board orientations, staff orientations, HR training, chapter training, and more.

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